Why you should plan your own funeral?

The thought of death is not something that crosses the minds of many people. But it is an unavoidable truth that you would need to consider at some point in life. Considering your time of passing is not a sign of mental instability, nor involves a prediction of when or how you will meet your untimely demise. Pre-arranging your funeral is all about getting organised.

Funeral planning is the same as organising ahead for any occasion such, as holidays, birthdays and weddings. If you consider it rationally, planning the arrangements of an inevitable occasion, such as death, should prioritise over other occasions. After all, how many times have you seen cancellations of holidays, weddings and birthday events? Surely cancellations are more common for such events than of funerals.

So why should you pre-plan your funeral? Consider the benefits for you and your loved ones. For your piece of mind, you can have complete control over your own arrangements. You can choose venues, eulogists, music and attendees, as well as burial or cremation preferences, and more. This also lifts the emotional burden on your relatives or representative who would need carry out these decisions for you. At the time of your passing, key decisions are made over a few of days, which adds to the pressure undertaken during their grieving period. Moreover, it will minimise the risk of potential disputes arising from conflicting preferences between your loved ones.

Then there are the economic benefits of funeral pre-planning. With pre-paid funerals, you can lock in arrangements and fix the monetary costs. Having a funeral pre-paid also reduces unnecessary and overly sentimental spending by your loved ones, such as ordering a larger flower arrangement than what yourself would actually prefer.

Planning ahead for the funeral doesn’t require an intention or expectation of imminent death. It is simple a rational and functional process that you and your loved ones can benefit from. Likened to preparing a will for a nominated executor to carry out, it is just another respectful planning process to minimise emotional and economic costs for your family and friends. Although unlike a will, a pre-arranged and pre-paid funeral plan is contractually bound between yourself and your nominated funeral director. Hence, you can be assured that those arrangements will be carried through – and that your life and legacy will be honoured in they way that you wanted.