Why should you get married at a Vineyard

A winery wedding has a lot more to it than just wine. Winery grounds provide the perfect opportunity for gorgeous couples photos amongst flourishing vineyards or with historic wine barrels. Just imagine a hand in hand walk under those romantic blue skies and endless rolling hills.

A vineyard is an excellent location for a natural themed wedding and is always guaranteed to bring a bit of rustic charm and a lovely romantic backdrop.

I would probably say that grape harvest season is the perfect time to hold a wedding at a vineyard. As during this time vineyards boast luscious rows of vines and colourful bunches of grapes, which assist in creating an ambience of romantic yet sophisticated celebration. Such organic decorations are also an inexpensive and convenient way to create a festive atmosphere.

Furthermore, late summer/early autumn holds enticing weather ideal for a celebration. Yet, vineyards are gorgeous all year round, offering different views and aesthetics depending on the season. If you desire a particular atmosphere for your wedding day be sure to ask staff which months best reflect your vision.

Another plus of having your wedding at a winery is that your drinks list will be taken super seriously and those working with you will be dedicated to finding the perfect selection of quality wines to enjoy with your family and friends on your special day. Not only that but your selection of wines will be endless! Can you even imagine all the vino you’ll have to choose from!

There are three types of wine you should serve at your wedding, red, white and rosé. Each wine differs greatly in flavour, body and finish. Aside from these wines you should also consider serving a bit of sparkling wine, champagne or dessert wine. But just keep in mind that the sparkling wine and champagne should be served separately as, at a wedding, bubbles are only served prior to a toast.

Depending on what season your wedding is in you may want to serve different types of wine. Daytime, outdoor spring and summer weddings typically pair best with crisp white wines while autumn and winter weddings tend to go better with red and more full-bodied wines.

When looking for a winery venue why not consider function venues, this region would make the perfect place for a wedding! Imagine celebrating your wedding vows with family and friends against the picturesque backdrop of vines with uninterrupted views of the gorgeous coastline just behind you.