wedding in Bacchus Marsh

My fiancé and I decided to have our wedding in a local Bacchus Marsh winery. Both of us grew up in Bacchus Marsh, but moved away for university. Last year, we moved back. It’s a small rural centre located mid-way between Melbourne and Ballarat. My favourite thing about living here is the drive. When you enter Bacchus marsh from Melbourne, you have to drive through this road, which is lined with hundreds of elm, oak and plane trees. It’s beautiful and I can’t imagine getting married anywhere else.

While this started off being a simple choice, things soon became complicated. Most of our family is already living in Bacchus Marsh. However, most of our friends are still living in the city. Once we revealed the location of our wedding, things took a turn for the worst.

Our city friends were happy to come to Bacchus Marsh for the weekend. But a few days after delivering the wedding invitations, my fiancé and I began receiving calls from the city. They were all asking the same question- what is there to do in Bacchus Marsh? They had no idea what they would do for the remaining day following the wedding.

Luckily for them, there are a lot of things to do in Bacchus Marsh. My fiancé and I decided to compile a list of Bacchus Marsh tourist attractions. First, there is Brisbane Ranges National Park. This is a fantastic place to visit. It is home to some of Victoria’s most beautiful wildflowers and it is a great place to hike. There is also the Great Dividing Trail, which follows the beautiful Lerderderg river valley. And if they don’t want to hike, they can always go see the Harvest Festival, go apple picking or visit one of the many farmers markets.

However, one of friends informed me that due to an injury, they would be unable to leave the wedding venue. I assured them that our wedding venue will be a great place to relax and that the winery restaurant has some of the best food in Bacchus Marsh.

Due to our recommendations, our city friends are much more comfortable with coming to Bacchus Marsh. I’m just glad to able to have my wedding in Bacchus Marsh surrounded by my friends and family.