Painting vs. Wallpaper

It is a usual misconception that touching up interior walls is a simple task. Then there is the common toss up in wall styling decisions that come between painting and using wallpaper. Both of these options have equal potential to make or break the look of your home or business but their applications are vastly different. Other than the styling of the room and choosing wallpaper installers or professional painting services, here are other considerations you should make before choosing between wall paint and wallpaper:


If you are working with a bare wall, this consideration is not too important. To strip off existing wallpaper, it requires patience and chemicals or stripping tools. It is a tedious step and can damage your walls if not done properly. Hence, you need to make a firm decision before applying wallpaper because changing your mind halfway through the project is not recommended.

Painting over a damaged wall requires less preparation time than wallpaper. Just prepare imperfections with filler and allow 24 hours for it to dry. Applying primer before applying dark-coloured paint will ease your preparation as well.


Paint and wallpaper both have wide price ranges but differences in additional supplies and installation costs. Wallpaper requires more additional supplies and incurs higher installation costs than painting, as aligning the wallpaper accurately and efficiently is very difficult. Using professional painting services or wallpaper installers are also an effective option especially when applying high-end faux paint finishes textured paint or wallpaper.


Wallpaper may be difficult to apply but can last for ten to fifteen years, whereas re-painting may be required every couple of years. On average, you can save over 30 per cent of your average re-painting costs by choosing wallpaper. However in humid conditions, wallpaper glue can loosen and cause the wallpaper to peel from the wall. It is also easily soiled and damaged, and more susceptible to fading from the sun. Hence, if you only replace a section of your wallpaper, the look of the wall may be inconsistent in colour saturation.

On the other hand, it is much easier to re-touch painted walls with minimal discolouration issues. And if you enjoy changing up the colours and style of your room, wall paint may be an appropriate option for that extra flexibility. Regardless of what you decide, be sure to make the most of your decision and go with what you think looks the best. There is nothing worse than sore eyes from poor wall finishes. Should you need advice, contact the best painter’s team in Melbourne.