Getting away from the advertising

Getting away from the advertising

I’d been living in the city for just over five years. For a time it had been a great experience, but I was finally reaching a point in my life where I was just completely over it. Like, seriously over it. The kind of ‘over it’ where you can barely get out of bed in the morning; the kind of ‘over it’ where you start to question life and your place in the world.

It was a Friday morning when I woke up and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I quickly rang work and made up some excuse about not feeling well. I got the feeling they didn’t believe me, but I also didn’t really care. The deed was done.

I started planning it immediately. I was going to take a vacation. I was going to go somewhere remote, free of people, free of stresses, free of the thing that had taken over my life.

I decided to go to New Zealand. Taking a trip somewhere within Australia wasn’t even going to be far enough; I needed to really get away. I would fly into Auckland, given it was the cheapest place to arrive. But then I would simply hire a car and quickly go off the beaten track.

The car was nothing flash. It certainly wouldn’t have made it into any outdoor advertising campaigns, but it was all I needed to get away from all of that, and so it would do just fine. I hit the open road and immediately started to feel better.

I put the windows down and felt the wind in my hair. The breeze took my cares away. I glanced out to see the view and it was incredible. The beaches were so clear and the scenery so relaxing. I’d done it; I’d found the life I’d always wanted.