Dental Supply Australia

Dental Supply Australia

When the X-Men take on dental hygiene

This would prove to be one of the most pivotal meetings of the existence of the X-Men. Charles Xavier had assembled his best troops to accompany him should anything go awry. He had Cyclops, Wolverine, Jean, Storm and Beast by his side. He couldn’t afford to leave anything to chance as he met to negotiate the Sentinel program with Bolivar Trask.

Trask had acquired a new engineer who had threatened the release of a powerful new Sentinel supply, from Australia of all places. Charles knew how difficult it could be to bring down given its geographical distance from most of his X-Men, so he was trying to negotiate with Trask to shut it down in return for extra security from his team. Both Magneto and Mr Sinister had hinted at taking Trask down after several bad business arrangements, and this was the only ace Xavier had up his sleeve.

They were granted access by Trask’s guards, and scanned for any weapons apart from their mutant abilities. Trask had recently set up his stronghold to nullify all mutant abilities within its confines, so the only harm the X-Men could do him would be via more ‘traditional’ methods. They were deemed clean and the meeting began.

“Charles,” Trask began. “This is Dr Colgate, and he is here to discuss any of the concerns you may have about my Australian Dental Supply proposal.

“Did you say ‘Dental Supply Australia’?” Wolverine asked.

“Of course. What else would I be doing with fifty-thousand dental drills?”

The X-Men looked at each other, confused. “Trask, we understood you were implementing an Australian ‘Sentinel’ supply … not a ‘dental’ supply.”

“Oh, heavens no, Charles. I am out of that game. Too many people shoot at me with my Sentinels. But, everyone needs good teeth. It’s just common sense.”

“Okay then,” Xavier replied. “It appears we have wasted your time.”

“No bother, Charles. You know, for someone who can read minds, you don’t listen too well. Good day.”

And with that, the X-Men left. Trask was now able to get his plan underway. To unleash his army of dental drills upon all mutants and finally defeat them once and for all.