wedding in Bacchus Marsh

My fiancé and I decided to have our wedding in a local Bacchus Marsh winery. Both of us grew up in Bacchus Marsh, but moved away for university. Last year, we moved back. It’s a small rural centre located mid-way between Melbourne and Ballarat. My favourite thing about living here is the drive. When you […]

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Independent Financial Planners in Melbourne

Choosing a expert financial planner can be a tricky process for both personal and financial reasons. Sometimes, it seems impossible to know whether a financial planner is vested in your interests first, or are putting their own or another’s needs before yours. That is why choosing an independent financial planner is the way to go in ensuring […]

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Painting vs. Wallpaper

It is a usual misconception that touching up interior walls is a simple task. Then there is the common toss up in wall styling decisions that come between painting and using wallpaper. Both of these options have equal potential to make or break the look of your home or business but their applications are vastly different. Other than the […]

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