Arranging A Personalised Funeral in Melbourne

Whether you are arranging one for a deceased loved one or planning your own pre-paid funeral, you will come to realise how personal the decisions required can be. In Melbourne, the best funeral services will have a wide selection of options for every aspect of the ceremony – from venue selection to the speakers at the funeral. Here is an overview of the various ways you can personalise your funeral in Melbourne and create a lovely and respectable ceremony for your loved one.

Locations for Ceremonies and Burials

If the deceased has a religious background, you may wish to hold the funeral service at a place of spiritual significance. Or it may be that particular rituals need to be performed at the home, graveside or in a venue that can facilitate those activities. Or you may decide a contemporary funeral home or chapel provides the greatest amount of space. You could even book sentimental venue, such as by the beachside or at a sports stadium – depending on your interests and availability of the spaces.

Coffin or Casket

Coffins and caskets are shaped differently, but they usually offer a similar selection of make. You may wish for a warm timber finish, or solid stainless steel. Or perhaps you want to leave a smaller carbon footprint and opt for biodegradable materials such as cardboard – and yes, it is an alternative that offers the standard durability required.


Adorn the ceremony area with flowers, photographs or other personal mementos. You could ask other guests to assist you with this as well.

Attendees and Speakers

Depending on how intimate you wish the funeral service to be, this can be a difficult choice. You may for instance, have a private viewing for immediate family only, and a public funeral service. This will depend on the venue you select for the funeral service as well. Choosing speakers may also require some consultation with other surviving family and friends. But if you are planning your own funeral, you have complete freedom to choose whomever you wish.


Music, photos and videos are more common at funeral services in Melbourne than ever before. Once again, you have the freedom to create a more inspiring or uplifting atmosphere by choosing the deceased person’s favourite song – even if it was hip-hop or metal rock. Or you can choose a more classic and sensitive musical piece. You can also ask for assistance from family and friends to contribute photos and videos to include in the visual presentation.


You may have to consult a dedicated funeral director funeral director or service provider to get a better picture of the options available to you in Melbourne. But you can choose a particular vehicle – or sometimes a particular colour of a funeral coach. Or if you want to keep things traditional, you may want a horse-drawn carriage or have the deceased carried to the gravesite by family and friends. Motorcycle hearses have also seen popularity in the last 20 years or so.

Arranging a personalised funeral is one of the main offers that funeral services in Melbourne provide in comparison to the other parts of the world. So if you are organising a funeral or planning a pre-paid funeral, make the most of what is available to you. Ask a trusted funeral director for advice and ask them lots of questions about what is appropriate and in your budget.