Airconditioning in Shopping Centres

I can’t tell you the number of times the airconditioning in my house has broken down during the times I need it most. Whilst Melbourne weather can be fickle, being notorious for constantly changing, the summer can be brutal. Sure if you wait 10 minutes the sun might turn to rain but it can reach temperatures of high 30s or even 40 degrees here. I can deal with a lot but not a broken airconditioner when the temperature’s that bad.

So I’m not the most lucrative person. At the moment, I’m studying at university and have a part time position at a supermarket deli. Whilst I do have a pretty decent wage, most of it goes towards the rent of a share house I’m staying in and food. I can’t really afford a new airconditioner or any kinds of repair. So I’m forced to seek refuge from the dusty, dry wasteland that is my room.

I have escaped to the library to study most days to take advantage of their airconditioner. And also their internet. But during this period, the library is packed with younger high school students cramming for exams. I’m not saying that junior exams aren’t important, but they don’t need to use the library as badly as I do. To top it all off, those kids barely study when they’re at the library. They probably work for a few seconds and then start chatting with their friends. The noise doesn’t annoy so much as the principle of them being here. There’s a limited amount of desks and I reckon that I take priority over the kids. If I don’t pass a subject, thats an extra grand that’ll be added to my impending university debt. If they fail they’ll get to redo their exams. I wish I had that kind of luxury, especially given that I’m doing maths subjects.

So my other source of airconditioning is the local shopping centre. You’d think that a shopping centre would be hard to study in. Well noise doesn’t really impede my learning luckily, I just stick my earbuds in and I’m set. I love going to the basement level and sitting at a cafe and punching out an assignment. Also i get free internet and refills on my coffee, so what’s not to love? Given that I know it’s blistering hot outside, my shopping centre, with its ice cold Melbourne air-conditioning is basically paradise.